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Who We Are

Hydra Warehouse


Hydra Trucking Inc., owned by Frank Dodd, began operations

in 1971 in Hayward, California delivering LTL freight around

the San Francisco Bay area.


Today Hydra Trucking and

Warehousing leases or owns over 700,000 square feet of food

grade warehouse space dedicated to the Bourbon Industry in



Having over 100 trailers in our pool, Hydra trucking

is able to provide loaded drop trailers to our customers’

locations for their convenience.

Operating in Louisville, KY since 2000 and Frankfort, KY since 2014.

Frank Dodd

As a small child Frank Dodd had a dream of owning his own business. That dream became a reality as a product of hard work. He was born in 1943 to William Dodd, a salesman, and
Mary Dodd, a housewife and seamstress on a small farm in Amory, Mississippi. When Frank was 9 years old, he started his own business by leasing space in a local Barbershop. Working hard shining shoes at 15 cents a pair gave him his entrepreneur spirit.


From there after school he held jobs such as picking cotton by hand, mowing lawns, and driving a school bus. In 1965 Frank was drafted into the military serving two years during the Vietnam War. After the war ended he decided to take a chance on his dream, moved to California arriving with $2.00 in his pocket. Eventually having $1,500 in savings he purchased his first Bobtail truck and drove it himself hauling freight around the San Francisco Bay Area.


As more trucks were purchased the warehouse company began
expanding to Sacramento and Colorado. In 2000, Hydra expanded into Louisville, Kentucky and began warehousing glass containers for the Bourbon industry. In 2014, Hydra was able to open a second Bluegrass location in Frankfort, Kentucky.


Currently, Frank spends half of his time in Kentucky and the other half in California boating and enjoying his children and grandchildren with his wife Linda.

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